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If you need a serious partner or host partner for your projects.

Choose Your Erasmus+ KA1 activities and courses KA2 Subjects for your schools

  • Job Shadowing for your KA1 projects
  • Short Term Mobility for VET students
  • Long Term Mobility to your students
  • Internships for your KA1 projects
  • Training Courses for your teachers
  • Being partner to your KA2 projects with o create your professional intellectual outputs
  • Being your partner to your Youth projects
  • KA1 Adult education

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Quality requirements

We attach great importance to the quality of our internships. In order to guarantee this quality, we only work with organisations that meet certain requirements. Our traineeships meet the requirements of the training and enable the trainee to prepare for future professional practice. Supervisors and tutors are available within the companies to supervise students at the relevant level. We ensure that the student receives a fair internship contract that complies with the labour laws and conditions of Spain.

We are in close contact with the internship coordinators involved and discuss all relevant matters regarding the internship. If necessary we can contact the student and the internship company on behalf of the school and intervene in conflict situations or take action in case of incidents and emergencies.

Study trips, teacher trips and student trips

Mallorcaworks organizes an annual visitor week for internship coordinators and teachers. During this week we visit several internship companies and offer an interesting and instructive program. During this week we show exactly what is possible on Mallorca and what we do. In addition, we also provide suitable accommodation, transport and guidance on the island.
We also have the possibility to organize exchange programs with Spanish educational institutions for teachers and students on request.

We also organize study trips for students, giving students the opportunity to learn the language and to prepare and orientate themselves for an international internship in the future. In connection with the organization of this, it has to be requested 4 months in advance.

Teachers who come on an internship visit can also appeal to us, for a reasonable fee we guide the teachers during their visit. We therefore arrange for the supervisors, interns and representatives of the internship companies to be prepared for your visit and make a planning together with you. In this way, the teacher’s visit can be used as effectively as possible.

Main changes between Erasmus+ and the New Erasmus+ 2021-2027

  • Mobility of secondary school pupils: whereas in the Erasmus+ program, mobility of (secondary) pupils was only possible to a limited extent, it is now open to all in the new Erasmus program.
  • Small scale partnership for cooperation and exchanges of practices: Cooperation between organizations will now be simplified and will enable small-scale partnerships for cooperation and exchange of practices
  • The establishment of European university networks: a mechanism would support European universities by setting up networks of higher education institutions united around cooperation in terms of joint study programs, student and staff exchanges and research and innovation
  • DiscoverUE: The DiscoverUE scheme will fund travel opportunities for young Europeans within the European Union, alone or in groups, with a link to informal education activity, but in a non-academic framework.
  • The sport will now be integrated into a series of mechanisms previously reserved for education, training, and youth. For example, the mobility of sports staff and coaches. Application to the National Agencies will be possible.
  • Inclusion of people with fewer opportunities: Inclusion seems to play a more important role than in the previous generation of the program. Mobility grants may be adapted to further improve access to mobility programs for the less privileged people. This would make the Erasmus program more inclusive.
  • The proposal to implement the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) as a stand-alone program with a separate (not included in the “Youth” component) and sizeable budget (€1.26 billion for 2021-2027).

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