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    In what period can I do an internship in Mallorca?

    The tourist season on Mallorca runs from April to November, but internships are offered all year round, especially around the capital Palma de Mallorca. Our aim is to offer customization and a personalized service.

    Do I get an Internship fee?

    Mallorcaworks only works with internship companies that offer an internship allowance. This allowance varies from €200,- to €500,- per month. If the company also offers accommodation and meals, the traineeship fee is usually around €200, –

    Do I always get housing?

    Almost all companies that Mallorcaworks works with offer simple accommodation.
    on. If not, Majorcaworks will help you find a safe and affordable solution. room. Mallorcaworks also has an apartment in the center of Palma. Here students who work in Palma live with companies that do not offer housing.

    Am I entitled to holidays during my internship?

    All Dutch (school) holidays are cancelled during the internship. In consultation and only with the permission of the company, by working extra days in advance 4 days can be requested for example for family visits.

    Is it necessary to take Spanish language classes?

    For many internships it is necessary to speak basic Spanish. In that case taking language lessons prior to the internship is a good plan.

    Can Mallorcaworks recommend a language school?

    Majorcaworks can put students in touch with a good language school. Herewith Mallorca Works has made appointments for the students. This way the students can
    applied classes and live on a half-board basis in a shared bedroom, in a Spanish host family. This certainly helps in learning the language. There accommodation can also be provided together with a classmate or friend.

    What if Mallorcaworks cannot offer a suitable internship after my enrolment?

    Should Mallorcaworks fail to place the student on a suitable internship within the agreed term, we will work with the “no cure no pay” rule and the student will receive a refund of the registration fee paid by him/her. Unless there is a case of force majeure, a situation on which Mallorcaworks has no influence. In that case the registration fee will not be refunded.

    How many hours of Spanish lessons will I get?

    In the Intensive Spanish course you will receive 20 hours of lessons per week, spread over 5 days. In general you will have lessons every morning. In the afternoon you will do homework and learn words. Occasionally excursions will also be offered.

    What does the language course cost?

    For the language school we are currently working with, you pay €700 for two weeks of lessons, including accommodation on the basis of half-board and the transfer from the airport. You can also take a shorter course, or continue with weekly lessons during your internship. Mallorcaworks can give you information about this.

    What if Mallorcaworks does not find an internship for me or the internship company withdraws?

    If the internship company withdraws after the confirmation or terminates the internship for reasons not attributable to the student, Mallorcaworks will offer the student another internship placement if possible. If this is not possible, for reasons not attributable to Mallorcaworks, the mediation costs will not be refunded to the student.

    Can I quit my internship earlier if I have already worked my mandatory hours?

    At the start of the internship mediation process, a start and end date of the internship will be agreed with the company, the student and the school. Students also sign a contract with the company and are registered with the necessary authorities on Mallorca. For this the internship company makes monthly costs. This means that a student can never end his internship prematurely if the minimum hours are made. Earlier departure of the internship is seen as a dismissal and can have consequences to approve the internship.

    What if it doesn't go well and I want to quit or leave the company sooner?

    If there are any problems, Mallorcaworks will visit in the first instance to talk and examine whether the problem can be solved. If necessary Mallorcaworks will look for another suitable internship company. In practice this does not happen very often and with our help we manage to complete the internship.

    What if I'm very homesick?

    Mallorcaworks has a homesickness protocol and supports students in case of severe homesickness. Most students are completely used to it after 3 or 4 weeks. Sometimes students decide to go back to the Netherlands and quit their internship. The consequences of this are of course entirely up to the student.

    How long does the internship take?

    At mallorca the minimum internship period is 3 months. Some companies have a minimum requirement of 4 months, 5 or 6 months internship is common. In consultation with you we will draw up a contract in which you will at least make the required hours for your internship.

    How many hours am I going to work?

    At most companies you work 40 hours per week, and at 1 large hotel chain you work a maximum of 35 hours per week. You always have 2 days off per week. You can have 3 different shifts: a morning shift, an evening shift and a split shift, where you work in the morning, are free in the afternoon and then work again in the evening. (The latter is often the case with restaurants, F&B or entertainment placements)

    How old do I have to be to do an internship on Mallorca via Mallorcaworks?

    You must be at least 18 years old at the start of your internship. We do not have internships for younger students.

    Do I need a VOG?

    For students who come into contact with children and minors during their internship,
    a valid declaration of good conduct (V.O.G.) is required on Mallorca. The V.O.G. can be requested at the municipality where the student lives. Mallorcaworks will help you with this and has a standard completed document for you. This is mainly for students who are going to work in animation or schools.

    What do I have to pay?

    Students first pay the registration fee. These amount to €150,- incl. VAT. After the mediation and making the internship, accommodation, start date and other documents concrete, the second invoice of €425,- incl. VAT will be sent. The student pays a total of €575,- incl. VAT for the entire course.

    Do I incur additional costs for documents, for example?

    To do an internship in Spain via Mallorcaworks you always need a NIE number (Identity number for Foreigners) and Seguridad Social (Social Insurance). Mallorcaworks considers this the best option legally, even if there are companies that do not do it. You will be insured for medical expenses by the company where you are doing your internship. The costs of this can vary due to the different ways of applying. Please take into account an amount of minimum €10,- to maximum €90,-. Mallorcaworks will help you to find the best and cheapest option for you.

    What if I change my mind and don't want to do an internship anymore?

    If the student withdraws after confirmation of internship, there is no possibility to
    refund of the total mediation costs, i.e. the registration fee, the registration costs (and any costs already incurred for NIE and Seguridad Social), not repaid. If a student has not yet paid, the payment obligation remains. After all, it has been signed for approval. If students do not pay, we always call in a bailiff. In case of breach of contract with the internship company due to dysfunction of the student, there is no possibility to refund the mediation costs.

    What about my health insurance?

    Every student has a compulsory health insurance and can apply for the European health insurance card. This entitles you to free basic care in Europe. Please note: some insurance companies consider an internship with remuneration as work and oblige you to stop the insurance. Our point of view is that you are abroad because of an internship from school, and not because of work. In most cases your insurance will continue. If you have any questions about this, Mallorcaworks can advise you.
    You are insured through the companies, but this care is very basic, so we will be happy to help you.
    advise to have private insurance in addition. Better double than too little

    What about other insurances?

    Make sure you have a good cover for your trip and accident insurance.
    have liability insurance and travel insurance. Often this is collectively from
    school, or do your parents have an ongoing insurance policy in which you are co-insured as long as you study. Always figure this out. Check this carefully at school and at home and if necessary take out extra student insurance. (Take a look at

    Can I book a plane ticket in advance?

    The student always coordinates the flight to Majorca with Majorcaworks. The arrival will generally be early in the morning on a weekday. This is due to the pick-up at the airport, a visit to the Seguridad Social and possibly other agencies and the accompaniment to the accommodation or to the reception at the internship company. If a student has booked an outbound flight without consultation, there is a risk for the student that he/she cannot be picked up by Mallorcaworks on arrival. The student will also have to spend the night in Palma de Mallorca at their own expense in order to be taken to the authorities the next morning.

    What about the transfer from the airport?

    Mallorcaworks always arranges the transfer for you. If you go to the language course first, arranges
    the language school the transfer on arrival and Mallorcaworks the transfer to your internship company on the last day of the course.
    Some companies will reimburse a taxi for you. Mallorcaworks will inform you in time about
    your transfer. The transfer back at the end of your internship has to be arranged by yourself, you have been at mallorca so long that it will not be a problem for you.

    Do I have to book a return ticket?

    Mallorcaworks advises to book the return flight only at the end of the internship, this to avoid extra costs in case the internship is cancelled or stopped earlier for any reason.

    How much luggage can I bring?

    If you want Mallorcaworks to arrange your transport, you may have a maximum of 1 large suitcase and 1
    have a small hand luggage case with you. If you want to bring more, that means you’re eating
    have to arrange your own transfer. By the way, you don’t have a big wardrobe anywhere, so it’s just hard to bring too much. Bed linen and towels are always provided at the accommodation, unless we let you know otherwise. Keep a little space in your suitcase to be able to take home the nice things you are going to buy on Mallorca at the end. You can buy everything in Mallorca in toiletries, often cheaper than in the Netherlands

    How do I sign up for Mallorcaworks?

    You can register via the contact form on this website, or by sending an e-mail to Always check with the internship coordinator of your school first,
    Often they already work with Majorcaworks. Often you can register through school. If your school does not yet do so, you can simply register directly.

    Am I entitled to an Erasmus scholarship?

    Ask the internship coordinator at your school if school participates in the Erasmus programme. This is a prerequisite for an internship in Spain via Mallorcaworks. Even if you do not receive a scholarship, your school often participates in the Erasmus programme. Indirectly you too, because you are at this school. Often you will not receive a scholarship or you will receive less if you receive free housing. Each school arranges this differently. HBO students have to apply for a scholarship from the Erasmus+ programme themselves, at school there are special departments for internationalisation that can inform you about this.

    Will my student grant continue when I am abroad?

    Ask the internship coordinator at your school if school is participating in the
    Erasmus programme. This is a prerequisite for an internship in Spain via Majorcaworks.
    Even if you do not receive a scholarship, your school often participates in the Erasmus programme. Indirectly you too, because you are at this school. Often you will not receive a scholarship or you will receive less if you receive free housing. Each school arranges this differently. HBO students have to apply for a scholarship from the Erasmus+ programme themselves, at school there are special departments for internationalisation that can inform you about this.

    Do I need special clothing for my internship?

    At most companies you get a uniform Neat black work shoes are almost everywhere
    wished. This varies per internship. Mallorcaworks will inform you in time about the clothing regulations.

    Can I rent a car or drive on Mallorca? Can I rent a scooter?

    You must have a driver’s license for at least a year and there is an age limit. Often you pay a higher insurance price under the age of 27.
    To rent a scooter you need a scooter driving license or a car license.

    Does Mallorca have good public transport?

    Mallorca has excellent public transport. Buses go everywhere and around Palma there are trains and there is a metro. From all major tourist resorts there are express buses going directly to and from the airport and from there shuttle buses to the capital. Public transport is very affordable and at Tobacco shops 10 ride tickets can be bought.How do I get all the necessary

    How do I get all the necessary information about Mallorca?

    From Mallorcaworks every student gets a travel guide with all useful tips and information. There is also always a GoogleMaps map showing where all the other students work, so you can meet them?

    Will I get in touch with the other students at mallorca?

    Yes, Majorcaworks occasionally organizes activities for all students. In addition, the group app and Social Media group will keep you informed about everything. There are more than 100 other students on the island during the high season, so you won’t get lonely. Mallorcaworks always brings you in contact with nice students who live and work close to you. There are always special app groups for each area.