If the trainee receives a scholarship, for example from the Erasmus programme, the student must have proof of this.
Spanish law requires trainees to submit a training agreement. The agreement must be signed by the sending institution (university or school), the trainee and you, the host company.
The company always provides a mentor, supervisor or mentor, and plans regular evaluation and feedback interviews with the intern. The company provides a learning environment for the student that is appropriate to his level of education.
The student must have proof that the traineeship is an obligatory part of his or her studies and that the traineeship is directly related to his or her studies.
All trainees must clearly work as interns within the company.  They must work as additional staff and cannot be registered within the company’s work schedule.

A training agreement should include

  • Name of the student
  • Contact & personal information
  • University / Sending Institution name
  • Contact details
  • Supervisor / international
  • Office contact
  • Company name
  • Purpose of the internship Company
  • Contact details
  • Internship placement for students
  • Conditions of the internship
  • Stand supervisor
  • Tasks of trainee
  • NIE-nummer student
  • Social Security Student number
  • Dates of the internship
  • Signatures of each party (your company, the school and the intern).