How we work

Our mission is to bring students and companies together. We will not stop until we have found the perfect match! We do this as follows:

Register at Mallorcaworks

After we have processed and accepted your registration and got to know you via video-conference, we will look for an internship that fits within the conditions of your course. We will do this after we have received the registration fee, for which we will send you an invoice.


As soon as we have found a suitable internship for you, please send us a letter of application for this internship. We will then introduce you to the company. You will also start applying for the necessary documents and statements from school. We will advise and support you in this process.


Upon receipt of your application letter, we will introduce you to the company. In a few days we will let you know if the company is interested in you as well. In case of mutual interest, you will usually be invited by the company for a telephone or video conference interview. We will let you know well in advance when and how this interview will take place. Please note that this conversation often takes place in English, German or Spanish. You will receive an email from us with tips on how to prepare for this conversation.


When the internship position meets your requirements and the internship company has indicated that it would like to hire you for the internship and the school’s internship supervisor agrees, we will start working with the internship contract drawn up by the school.


You only pay the rest of the mediation costs after we have actually found a suitable internship for you and all parties have agreed. Immediately after confirmation you will receive an invoice from us. Please read our general terms and conditions, also with regard to payment, carefully to avoid ambiguities. If you withdraw on your own initiative for any reason whatsoever after having been accepted and agreed to by all parties, you will still owe us the total costs.


As soon as your internship on Mallorca is certain we will start looking for housing. Finding a suitable accommodation on Mallorca is not always easy. Therefore we start searching on time.

Booking the trip and flight

As soon as everything has been properly agreed and confirmed by all parties, you will receive our advice on the flight to be booked. In general we will ask you to arrive in Mallorca one or two days before the start of your internship.

During your internship

As long as you are on Mallorca, we will of course remain your contact. You can contact us on workdays between 9.00 and 13.00 for all kinds of questions. Do not hesitate to contact us! Outside these hours we can always be reached in case of an emergency.