We’re proud of this!

“I’m doing the hospitality manager entrepreneur training. For my training I had to do a 20 week internship in the front office.”


“In February 2018 I left together with Kim for Mallorca for our internship of 8 months.”


“I’m Kim, 19 years old and I did an internship in Mallorca last year. I left for Mallorca with my classmate in February for 8.5 months.”


“Top company! Mallorcaworks thinks along, is compassionate and committed to the students who are looking for an internship through Majorcaworks. They respond quickly to emails and continues to search passionately until she has found the right internship for students. Highly recommended!”


“Mallorcaworks is always there for you. All you have to do is send a message and she will be there. This gives a very safe feeling, because you are “alone” abroad.”


“Super well supervised by Mallorcaworks! Always responds quickly to the app & is there when you need her! Super cool! Mallorcaworks super thanks!”